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MP4 to DVD or ISO converter

Now that you have a good MP4 you might want to make it into a DVD.

Try this site and use DVD Flick.

  • Add a “title” or MP4 file
  • Change the Project destination folder at the bottom of the screen to write the DVD folders to.

  • Click Create DVD

  • Then either play from the folders (creates one called dvd) or use ImgBurn to create iso or dvd disk.

That’s it!

How to rip a DVD with CSS and other protection

Ever rented a DVD which no longer plays on your DVD player or changer? A bit annoying. Take a backup!

  • Download the free version of WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy.
  • Choose the main movie. (In my case I had to choose a couple of tracks as there were two “movies” or episodes.
  • The only setting I changed was we like to see subtitles

Since WonderFox only saved as MPG we need it to be in an MP4 container to play with our Plex server.

  • Import the movie into MovieMaker. I still had my copy from when I upgraded Windows from 7 to 10.

  • I’m just saving using the recommended setting with the Save Movie icon on the right.

 That’s it!

How to save a Facebook Video to your PC local disk

  1. Right click on a video. Choose
    1. Show video URL
  2. Copy and paste into a new tab. (I use Chrome)
  3. Replace the www in the URL with
  4. Now you are on the FB mobile site. Don’t worry if the video looks small. It doesn’t matter.
  5. Click to start the video.
  6. Pause, right click on the screen and select “Save video as” to save to your local disk.