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Windows 10 changes – “previous versions” are now File History

Surprise?! After Windows 7 System Restore no longer keeps backup copies of previous versions of your files. File History isn’t enabled by default, so you can’t restore previous versions of files unless make some changes.

Go to File History and add an external drive.

File History only backs up copies of files that are in the Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, and Desktop folders and the OneDrive files available offline on your PC. If you have files or folders elsewhere that you want backed up, you can add them to one of these folders.

Surprise #2. It will start backing up every file on your system without asking!

The reason I thought about using this feature is when my old Vista was hacked by ransomware, after I got control of the PC again, I was able to recovery all files (back to the previous version.)

External: Other choices of backing up your data.


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